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Tanita is the only one Japanese company that contributes to the health promotion of people around the world. HANABUSA is happy to pre-sale the special coffee that pursues its "health" and "deliciousness".

Three commitments to Tanita coffee;
1. Abundant chlorogenic acid
2. Both deliciousness and chlorogenic acid
3. Luxury extraction with plenty of high-quality beans

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1. 豊富なクロロゲン酸
2. おいしさとクロロゲン酸の両立
3. 上質な豆をたっぷり使った


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健康特集 /Healthy tea from Sri Lanka (New)


When I was introduced by friends and drank it, it was very easy to drink, and my dad and mom were in great shape. So it's not Japanese tea, but I decided to order it. This is a tea that we would like everyone to try.

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